Things I’ve learned while raising 5 boys

Today is about boys. Living with five of them has taught me to see the world differently than this girlie-girl of a boy mom would have seen the world before living in boy-land.

For fun, I’m sharing some random things I’ve learned from raising my particular boys. Sometimes it has felt like raising wolves. Sometimes it has been sweet, tender, and loving.

Today, Superbowl Sunday, is a day about throwing, running, tackling, competition, and teamwork. I can’t imagine why that makes me think of my boys. 🙂

What I’ve learned from living with boys:
With five sons, someone is ALWAYS horsing around, even during family portraits
Frogs are for catching and wearing

Drawers are for sitting

Any time is a good time for wrestling

Bodies are for stacking

Gaps are for jumping

Noodles are for entertaining
Siblings who torment each other can grow up to be best friends

Even when you’re miles from water, it’s worth carrying your fishing rod just to create this picture with your brother (no edits)

Even the girliest of girls can turn into a boy mom who canoes and backpacks with Boy Scouts

Love is not zero-sum: the heart expands as each new child enters the family

Whatever sort of child you are raising, I wish you the gift of seeing the world differently than before they joined your family.
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Kerry Stutzman
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