Bringing parents and teens together with too-real stories and proven parenting skills that foster closeness

Palmer is a certified youth success coach. Kerry, a licensed marriage and family therapist.  They are true experts in parent-teen relationships.

Together they bring a unique perspective as a mother and son who walked through some exceptionally tough teen years and found their way back to a close connection and their meaningful work at The Connected Family.

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Creating Real Connection Between Parents and Teens

Change the Conversation

Pivot the Perspective

Redefine the Relationship

Kind Words From Changed Families

Had the honor of being invited to speak at the IFTA conference two times on the youth suicide research they conducted

Featured in a CNN article to share how their relationship went from disconnection to connection during the teen years

Spoke to the CCSD Parent Information Network on how to create close, connected parent-teen relationships

Spoke on how to parent from the inside out and show up well and with love for your family

Co-authored an article for the Family Therapy Magazine called "Making Social Justice Stick"

What We Are Experts In

Palmer and Kerry help families find connection, give parents the tools they need to show up well for their kids AND themselves, and provide mental health support to parents and teens

We would love to hear more about how we can help you 

Family Connection 

Kerry and Palmer have incredible stories and skills to share as a mother and son who navigated the tough teen years together
  • Kerry is a licensed marriage and family therapist, parentologist and parent coach who has worked with over 800 families 
  • Palmer is a certified student coach who works with tweens and teens every day and hears their pain points. He is also a marriage and family therapy graduate candidate at Northwestern University

Mental Health

Kerry and Palmer have extensive experience sharing on intense and difficult topics related to mental health and suicide
  • Conducted research on family relationships and youth suicide that was asked to be shared at the International Family Therapy Association conference in Switzerland 
  • Provide families with research-backed insights on the impact family relationships can have on youth suicide 
  • Share tools to engage in meaningful conversation with family and peers about mental health 
  • Provide hope for teens and parents who have been impacted by mental health and suicide 

Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Guided Discussion Groups And More… 

Kerry and Palmer have made it their life’s work to help families find connection. They will work with you as a team to best serve your community

Meet Kerry and Palmer

We may look like a sweet mother-son duo now, but it wasn’t always pretty during Palmer’s teen years. You’ll hear more about that, but first here’s a bit about us. 

About Kerry

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Parent Educator, Public Speaker, and Clinical Supervisor, I’ve dedicated my life to helping parents be the best version of themselves so that their children feel seen, cherished, and loved.

I have 3 boys, and am the stepmom of 2 boys and a girl. When it comes to raising kids, especially navigating the teen years, your mental health is important. And it’s easy for that to fall by the wayside if you’re giving, giving, giving, to a teen who won’t budge.
Let’s work together to help your teen feel closer to you. It’s time to create a loving relationship that brings the family together.
LMFT, MSW, AAMFT Fellow/Supervisor, EMDR certified

About Palmer

Hi there! I’m a 25-year-old Teen Success Coach who attends Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Marriage and Family Therapy. And I have to tell you a little secret.

I was ‘that kid.’ The one who broke rules for the fun of it and rebelled (hard!) against his parents. I have ADHD and a knack for creating mischief. Sometimes I marvel that I survived some of those crazy teen-year decisions that I made.

After a big interruption in life, I made it my life’s work to help teen boys navigate their path through adolescence with success and better decisions.

What Tweens and Teens Are Saying
About Kerry and Palmer

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Fill out this form and bring Kerry and Palmer to your next event! They’ll have your audience roaring with relatable laughter, tearing up at the tough, vulnerable parts, AND taking home actionable steps for getting closer to their teenager.

They’ve made it their life’s work to help families find deeper connections. And we know your audience will feel that love and drive they have towards creating happier families.