Reflections on Creating
the Connected Family

“Of Course…”

Do you know the feeling of wilting under your own frustration about how you parent? I ask because in my experience as a mom and a friend of many moms,

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Monkey see, monkey do

Palmer here! Monkey see monkey do… My wife and I are on a flight headed to see her family down in Florida. We were up at 3am for our flight

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The Power of a “Safe Haven Relationship”

Kerry here! Did you know renowned therapist Sue Johnson says adults have a fundamental need for “safe haven relationships?” This resonated deeply at the Attachment Theory conference I just attended. It

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From “Don’t Therapize Me!” to Master’s Degree: A Mother-Son Conversation

You despised anything that had to do with therapy. You even walked out of a therapy session that I made you attend and got yourself home on the bus! I never could have imagined that 10 years later, you’d be nearing the end of your master’s degree to be a therapist, specializing in working with teens and families. How did you get from there to here?

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