Does Your Teen Feel Loved? 5 Steps to Make Sure.

In my therapy office recently, a mom and her 16-year-old daughter discussed their Love Languages. This was relevant to improving their relationship because understanding your teen’s preferred way of receiving and giving love (words, acts, time, gifts, touch) can strengthen your relationship. Mom’s Love Language is “Acts of Service.” So when she delivers her daughter’s […]

What Your Kids Learn About Love by Watching You (It Might Surprise You)

Kerry here. 😍 Your children learn what love looks like by watching you, so don’t forget to keep loving your partner through parenthood. Single? Don’t forget to keep being sweet to yourself as you parent. As a marriage and family therapist, I see it so often: a couple comes in for therapy or parent coaching […]

The Power of a Father’s Influence

Kerry here: Today is a day to celebrate and honor fathers! Dads, have you paused to reflect on your influence on your kids? You have the power to be a life-altering force for good. You also have the power to pass on painful generational patterns that were handed down to you. Either way, you have a […]

Will My Kids be Friends as Adults?

Congratulations!!! You’ve made it through another school year and summer break is here! That generally means fewer reasons to badger kids and more opportunities to have fun together. I always loved the start of summer because the schedule was more relaxed and I got to show up more often as a fun mom. But then […]

The Art of Reframing: A Guide to Understanding Your Teen’s Perspective

Hey there, parents of teens and tweens! Today we’re diving into the art of “reframing” – a parenting skill that can transform the way we connect with our kids and keep them talking to us. As a mom and stepmom to six, I totally get how challenging it is to navigate the rollercoaster ride of parenting. Let’s […]

When Your Kid’s Face No Longer Melts Your Heart: A Practice for Parents

The things I hear from parents about their ‘tweens and teens: “She can be so mean.” “When he’s in a bad mood, he dominates our family.” “ I love her but I don’t like being around her.” “I can’t stand how they talk to me.” “I’m embarrassed about how he acts and I worry what […]

Your well-being helps your kids’ well-being.

Kerry: I hang up the phone. My beloved son might never talk to me again. But I know I have to do this. It might end up saving his life.In this one moment, I feel something rise up in me born of fear and love.It is bold, pure courage to make one of the most […]

“Of Course…”

Do you know the feeling of wilting under your own frustration about how you parent? I ask because in my experience as a mom and a friend of many moms, I can say with certainty that it’s a very common frustration. Last week, I had an online therapy session with a mom of two high […]

The Power of a “Safe Haven Relationship”

Kerry here! Did you know renowned therapist Sue Johnson says adults have a fundamental need for “safe haven relationships?” This resonated deeply at the Attachment Theory conference I just attended. It perfectly captures the feeling every parent wants – to be that safe space for their child. Here are some practical tips I learned from various […]