Back to School Blues: Balancing Acts, Emotions, and Coffee Breaks.

How are you feeling this back to school season? It can be such a mix of joy, sadness, gratitude and worry as we send our kids back to school. We love watching them grow and enter into new seasons of life… that’s what we want for them! But it can also be hard to let go. When we are parenting ‘tweens and teens, it’s a constant balancing act between holding them close and letting them go. 

While saying goodbye to summer and entering into busier schedules can be a tough transition for kids, it’s ALSO a tough transition for parents! I’ve had several of my teen clients’ parents tell me that they find themselves harping on their kids more during the school year because it feels like there are more “must do’s” than during the summer. This can cause more friction and distance with their kid. 

When I was doing my back to school goals and planning convo with one of my teen clients, I asked him what he was nervous about (usually I’m expecting answers about school or friends but one said…) “My mom and I get along way better during the summer because we have so much more fun. During the school year I feel like I’m constantly messing up and disappointing her. I don’t want it to go back.” 🥺

This is an invitation for you to be gentle with yourself as you re-enter the school season. Let yourself feel all of your emotions… what are you feeling happy about? Grateful for? Sad about? Worried about? 

Find time to do a quick check in with yourself as the chaos begins. Take those 5 minutes in the car to unwind and be still, get the little coffee or treat you usually pass on, scream or cry in your car to honor the challenges of being a parent, and create space for yourself to feel

We are sending love to you no matter what season you are in – we hope you are able to appreciate it for what it is and live fully alive. 

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Kerry Stutzman
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