“That Kid”: Two Sides of the Story

Eleven days ago, we posted a video about raising “that kid.”

Typically, our posts get a couple hundred views, maybe 1,000 if we’re lucky. 

This   Instagram post has gone viral!

As of Saturday night, it has received over 2 million views!!!  There have been over 20,000 shares.

It has been a heart-expanding 11 days reading every one of the thousands of comments that viewers have posted. They have been so open and authentic, so loving, and so encouraging. Here are few of our favorite comments

.Then, Palmer shared a video about being “that kid” and what he wants parents to know. It is our second-most watched video ever. If you are in the middle of parenting a tough kid, you might like watching it.

One thing that set this video on fire has been the phenomenal number of people who have shared it with others. Whether you have an extra-hard-to-parent kid or a pretty easy-going one, there is a message for you in this video.

If you know someone who is struggling with their strong-willed kid, we welcome you to share this blog post with them so they can see both videos. Hopefully they will feel like they are not alone, and that there is hope. Reading the comments in the Instagram post itself is heart-opening and encouraging.

We hope these stories about our real and raw relationship during Palmer’s teen years remind you that you are not alone on this journey. 💛

With love,

Kerry and Palmer

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Kerry Stutzman
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