The Parent Coaching Group 

Our mission is to give you the tools and support you need in building a close, connected family that your kids want to come home to. 

Before we tell you all about this program,
let’s talk about who this is really for…

“My family needs to be better” is always a symptom of a bigger problem. 

Maybe you… 

  • Don’t know how to keep your teen talking to you
  • Wish for more meaningful conversations or fun as a family 
  • Worry your kids won’t want to come home once they leave
  • Get triggered by your kid’s behavior
  • Feel good as a parent sometimes, but then do stuff that leaves you feeling guilty
  • Worry and feel angry about how much conflict goes on in your house

On the other side of “my family could be better” is a close, connected family. 

This means…
  • Everyone feels seen and loved
  • You have fun together
  • Relationships are emotionally healthy
  • You are a parent that your kids want to talk to
  • There is empathy, playfulness, and you can relax around each other (vs walking on eggshells)

There are no perfect people or perfect families, but you CAN feel good about the messy, loving, imperfect family you have worked hard to create.

Created by Parenting Experts
For Parents Like You 

Kerry and Palmer have nearly 30 years of combined experience working with parents, families, and teens in a professional capacity.

They are also a mother-son duo who’ve experienced the same heartache, fighting, disconnection and thousands of tears shed (mostly by me… Kerry)  that you may be experiencing as you navigate parenting your tween or teen.  

We love to have fun, be playful, have meaningful conversations, and create a warm, welcoming space for perfectly imperfect parents to gather. 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Parentologist, Parent Coach for 25+ years, and mom + stepmom

Teen Vision Coach and Northwestern University Masters in Family Therapy Graduate Candidate

The Parent Coaching Group
Will Help You… 

Enjoy more time together as a family

Reduce tension and conflict in your family

Feel good about how you respond to your kids

Have emotionally healthy conversations

Build connection with your teen while still being the parent

Happy Parents.

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What’s Included
Each Month… 

Through working with parents and teens every day as a family therapist and teen coach, Kerry and Palmer have learned what the BIGGEST pain points are for parents and teens in this season of life.

As we walk through each monthly lesson, we want to provide you with the space and resources to dig deep. 


The topics we cover are BIG. We’ve packed each month with a whole lot of goodness and we want you to be able to digest it all.

There will be sessions each month to discuss with other parents, practice implementing what you’ve learned, and ask questions to Kerry and Palmer so the strategies they share find a forever home in your parenting toolbox. 

Live Sessions with Kerry and Palmer

Engaging lessons and exercises that will change the way you show up as a parent.

Weekly Mini-Lessons

Weekly support to practice implementing every skill you learn into your own family.

Personal Growth Exercises

Exercises to help you feel grounded as a parent and put what you're learning into action.

Access to a Community Feed

Interact with other parents (and us!), share your parenting wins, and ask questions.

Facilitated Cohorts

Engage in facilitated discussions with other parents who are in the trenches of parenthood WITH you.

Group Q&A Session

Join Kerry and Palmer live and get your questions answered.

Plus Exclusive 
Access To

Parent / Teen Relationship Building Workshops

Creating a more connected relationship with your kid requires effort from both sides. We are committed to creating space for parents and kids to grow together.

Individual Coaching Calls With Kerry and Palmer

Dive into your unique family dynamic and receive personalized guidance and strategies from Kerry and Palmer.

Other Events and Workshops For Your Family

We will be hosting other workshops and events to create space for families to grow in connection.

Each Monthly Topic
Will Cover… 


Parenting Skills

Family Relationships

A Sampling Of The
We Will Dive Into


Living Fully

  • You are able to have more meaningful conversations with your kids
  • You are able to recognize the fullness of our human emotions
  • You have the skills to expand emotional expression in your family


We Will Not “Should” On Ourselves

  • You become adept at converting unreasonable expectations into more reasonable ones
  • You are able to find more joy points in parenting
  • You find more grace for yourself


What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

  • You feel more skilled when handling tough behavior
  • You understand the underlying need behind your kid’s frustrating behavior
  • You look at misbehavior through the lens of how to teach vs how to punish


Loving Our Kids From The Inside Out

  • You feel more love flowing through from you to your kids
  • You learn how to not ride the waves of your kids emotions
  • Loving our kids when times are tough or you feel extremely disconnected


Keeping Your Kids Talking
To You

  • You have the skills to create an open and safe space for your kids
  • You are able to listen more and lecture less
  • You are able to be calm and understanding when your kids push away or reject you


The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

  • Broaden the ways your family plays together 
  • Create a fun family that kids want to come home to 
  • Address the challenges of family fun in your family 

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The Connected Family

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