The Power of a “Safe Haven Relationship”

Kerry here! Did you know renowned therapist Sue Johnson says adults have a fundamental need for “safe haven relationships?” This resonated deeply at the Attachment Theory conference I just attended. It perfectly captures the feeling every parent wants – to be that safe space for their child. Here are some practical tips I learned from various […]

From “Don’t Therapize Me!” to Master’s Degree: A Mother-Son Conversation

You despised anything that had to do with therapy. You even walked out of a therapy session that I made you attend and got yourself home on the bus! I never could have imagined that 10 years later, you’d be nearing the end of your master’s degree to be a therapist, specializing in working with teens and families. How did you get from there to here?

Getting the ratio right with your kids

Palmer here!  He’s got him wide open!!! Fans are on their feet!! He launches it down the field, the clock hits zero! HE CAUGHT IT!!!! They won the super bowl!!!! 🎉 I won’t say who I’m rooting for but I am pumped for the game today. 🏈 If you aren’t a football fan don’t worry, […]

The hidden message beneath your teen/tween’s behavior

Kerry here!  As a mom, parent coach, and therapist of many years, I can tell you with 100% certainty that you are not alone if your kids’ attitudes and behaviors drive you nuts some days. You’re also not alone if you get triggered and are not proud of how you act at times. Yes, these […]

“Prepare” instead of “protect”

Palmer here!  I was recently talking with a parent of one of my teen clients who asked, “How do I know if my son will turn out OK and make good decisions when he’s an adult?”  The trick is to remember that you are raising future adults, not kids. Yes, you want them to go out into […]

What a police chase in Cambodia taught me

Palmer here! Wanna hear about one of the scariest moments of my life? I was in Cambodia being chased by the police… actually, I probably shouldn’t go into that story here with my mom reading these and all… ???????? (Note from Mama Kerry: Palmer, is this the same night that you jumped from the roof of […]

Parents, all I can say is “Wow, now I get it.”

Palmer here.  If you’re a parent who keeps your family’s holiday ship afloat I want to make sure you hear this: THANK YOU ❤️ My wife and I were talking about how we only now have realized how much work it took for our parents to make the holidays happen. You parents somehow find a […]

How my mom transformed my antics into teachable moments 🤔

Palmer here. Just about every kid needs discipline, but some kids NEED discipline. I was in the NEED boat as I was a kid who saw it as a challenge to break just about every rule. We use the word discipline vs punishment – here’s why. 👇Discipline is not another word for punishment. Disciplining your kiddo means teaching them […]

The Freedom to Fail

Palmer here! ???? I have a question for you. Can you think of a moment in your life that was a catalyst for your confidence? A moment where you thought to yourself… “Wow, I’m actually more capable/strong/smart/brave than I thought!” “There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.” ― Brene Brown This past weekend, my […]